New Product for Apple

I experiment with a lot of new technologies.  Recently I picked up a new Microsoft Surface Book.  I like what Microsoft is thinking but there are a few things that I wish would change.  First it would be nice if the screen/tablet had a video out port on it.  The keyboard part of the unit has a video out port but not the tablet.  So if I take just the screen to a presentation room I have no way to connect it to the presentation system.  I am also trying to get comfortable using just the screen without the keyboard since my thought process is that the only reason to buy a device like this is that the user intends to use the screen separated from the keyboard.  As I do this, I struggle with using Windows 10 without a physical keyboard.  Maybe it’s just me but I find iOS so much simpler to use on a tablet.  This caused me to think about why doesn’t Apple make a device like this.  Maybe they could use an iPad as the screen for a Macbook.  When the iPad is connected to the Macbook keyboard it uses the iPad for nothing more than the Macbook screen.  Maybe it can dual charge both batteries, etc.  When you detach the iPad from the Macbook keyboard is when the magic happens 🙂  The iPad displays iOS and Mac OS on the keyboard goes to “sleep” or shuts down, whatever the user wishes it to do.  I would think if this is possible it would be a great competitor to the Surface Book.


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